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Gardening, Gardening, Yeah!

Though it's hard to tell from the photo this is a glorious garden.  John keeps the pathways through the rows looking low and spiffy, as well as short around the garden.  Everything is growing quickly now!

On this end we have the banana peppers (left) and acorn squash (right).  The next row on the left is Carrots and an empty spot for more carrots but we didn't fill that one so it's empty.  Next row, Cucumbers and beets.  Watermelons and many many tomatoes, then more peppers, basil and cilantro and celery.  Next down is a big beefy tomato plant and tall lettuce that's mostly gone to seed and more tomatoes.  Lastly is zucchini and bell peppers.  mmmmm.  On the far right we have pole beans and on the row that looks like a walkway is peas but they didn't like the overwhelming amount of rain recently and seem to have mostly died.  Somewhere in there we also have onions that didn't want to grow.   Way back on the left are the forever bearing blueberries, the huge bushy tree in the center is the peach tree that did not bear fruit and on the right are 2 apple trees.

John has been making heaps of JAM out of the berries we've picked.  We're up to 19ish pints of blueberry, 6 pints of blackberry and 3 quart jars of blueberry jams.  Zucchini we've made about 4 total loaves of zuke bread, 8 mini loaves, 24 mini muffins and 9 quart bags containing 2 cups each of shredded zucchini for later bread making.  And we get at least 2 if not 3 zukes a day coming off those plants so we're going to have to start blanching and freezing in halves and slices...or come up with more people to take some of these freakin things.

For more pics of our garden you can head over to the Garden Pic List and sort by date.  7-7-14 are the ones from this week so they're most recent to this point.  We also have to stick in a pic of Moose hanging out in the dill watching the gardening action.  You can see more puppy pics over at his puppy pic list too.