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Where We All Get ALongwell

Dez and the girls visit!

Dez and the girls arrived on Sunday the 13th and stayed with us through Friday the 18th when they headed out at 4am to head back home.  It had been so long since we had seen the girls.  I think the last time we saw them was around 4 years ago when we lived in Lancaster.

The girls arrived early enough the first night that we had time to get them unloaded, have dinner and play/relax a while.  We didn't pull the camera out until later in the week because, honestly, we were enjoying ourselves and I had totally forgotten.  We think it was the first night that John set off several fireworks for the kiddos to enjoy.  One of them did not go high enough in the sky and gave the adults a bit of a fright but the kids thought it was the greatest thing they had ever seen and wanted more. :p  After fixing the tube all other fireworks were way up in the sky, where they should be.  I have some pics of the July 4 firework display John did for us but did not bring out the camera for this one.  Somehow I've misplaced those but will find them and upload some.

Jenny spent quite a bit of time over at our house with her girls.  Autumn and Amaya were so excited to see her that they also spent a lot of time at her house too.  It helped pass the time for all 4 kids awaiting the arrival of yet another batch of cookies or cupcakes. :D  Jenny also managed (with a house full of kids either chatting or watching My Little Pony episodes) to make a heap of bread and butter pickles.  Dez, Autumn and Noah helped me pick another gallon of blueberries, which brought us up to two gallons.  No worries, we had them for every breakfast and sometimes with desserts.  The girls took the remainder home for snacking and to have once they got there.

While they were here Autumn and Noah played in the pool all day, Thor and Amaya played lots of Mario Kart Double Dash or were upstairs where Amaya played the Sims 3 with Pets and had horses and a cat.  Dez and I crocheted a lot too.  She's started a beautiful blanket!  I made a couple of small things for the kiddos to take home but it reminded me I should do that more often.  John grilled up lots of hotdogs and spent mucho time with his sis.  We took the girls to Rock Island and got some really fabo pics.  I have put the best ones up here.  I've also put that link under the photo so you can click that too.  I would have renamed the pics to better describe but then they'd be out of order. :p  We greatly enjoyed the visit and hope you guys enjoy the pics as much as we do. :)