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Where We All Get ALongwell

November Fun

Since it's not yet Thanksgiving but after Halloween I figured it's time for some photos.  Here's what we've been up to.  Moose has a lady friend again.  A couple of weeks ago she was in heat so we saw lots of her and Moose hated that they didn't get alone time.  She's a pretty little neighborhood pup. Click a pic for more images, sort by date and these are Nov 19th uploads.


We also had some friends over this month!  Yay!  The Cook's came over for a visit.  Earnie and Leila have 5 girls, this is Earnie, Lauren, Taylor and Sophia.  They needed a break from just sitting at the Howell House (Leila's parent's place, they were in between houses atm) and we fed them and gave the kids a place to run and play with a couple of boys. :p  Thor stayed on the first floor with Hannah and Kasey playing every video game they could find that was both anime and lame. :D  Of which I'm sure we have plenty.

Noah has been reading the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series.  He reads 20 minutes a night for school.  Once he gets through these we'll start him on something less "graphic novel" and more "read to enjoy the story" of it all. :)  Parent Teacher Conferences were yesterday and Noah, while he still has work to do, is doing okay.  He has GOT to focus and he has GOT to start using his book for the exams that are OPEN BOOK. sigh. For now though, proof the boy reads. :D


John made this absolutely gorgeous island/cart!  It's the same height as the counters.  It's got 2x4 base with bottom, 1x3s for the middle shelf and butcher block paint grade edge glued panel for the top.  Thick outdoor white paint for the exterior, amber colored shellac for the middle and top.  One hook on one end and a paper towel roll with 4 super heavy duty castors on the bottom, two lock.  This one is a gift but we hope to have enough lumber left over to do another and maybe start making more later. 


Last but not least, Katie had her baby!  Zaydahlyn Mae was born November 7th, 9lbs 5oz. Here is Kate and little Zayda wearing the owl hat I sent, I'm glad it fit :)


Jenny is up there with her now and they're trying to get moved into an apartment.  Kate, Dimitri and Zayda are going great. :)