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February Snowpocalypse and Icepocalypse

Tree Ice 2.17.2015We've had some ice and we've had some snow.  We're all safe and sound.  Tif had a power outage for about 3 hours a couple of days ago but as far as I know they are good.  They have the fireplace and lots of wood. :)

We had a tree come down toward the end of the driveway yesterday.  John and I went out there with a couple of simple saws and hacked at it until we got the top off.  John pulled it with the Jeep to the open area by the end of the driveway and we can at least get through.  Snow this morning, still have power, still safe :D Lots of pics though.  They are the ones that are numbered or you can sort by date

The sun is out a bit now so we should melt off some.  I also included a pic of the picachu I made for Thor's lady, Kasey, and I think I included the fish that had 23 babies last night.  For now, here's the ice, click it to go to the pics directory.