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Where We All Get ALongwell

One Week With The Longwells

Desi, Amaya and Autumn rolled in last Saturday night (18th) and boy did we stay busy.  We couldn't really afford to take them a lot of places because we were saving for Wednesday night where we had rented the local Drive-In so we could watch the movie RV with family and friends.  We had a huge downpour of rain at about 5pm though and had to cancel.  Even with movie night a bust we took the girls out to dinner instead and had a great time.

Through the week though, Jenny made tons to eat.  She told us what she'd like to make and we'd go get it for her.  Between that and making about 5-6 batches of cookies over the week for all the kiddies, she's worn out.  John took Dez to Burgess Falls State Park and they took pics there.  Autumn and Noah were in the pool every day and we took the girls skating twice in two different counties. :D  They had to head back on Thursday morning the 23rd.

Seth and Sid were over on Friday.  I took Seth back over to where Tif works after noon because they had to go to a dental appointment for Seth's root canal.  Tif came back for Sid later.

We had the King family reunion yesterday and it was a blast but we're exhausted.  We had a frozen pork loin in the freezer so we did it up for the occasion.  Dad brought in a box of peaches for us and a box for Tif.  We get her peaches. :p  Only 4 of the elder King's are left and it was wonderful to get them all together again.  I saw family I knew and some I didn't but that's the point of these things right?? :D  John was the uber photographer.  He put it on continuous and took tons of pictures.

As for our garden, it is overgrown and weedy.  Well more grassy than weedy but still...a mess.  We've had fewer blueberries this year than last year for sure.  We got some grapes this year though.  John made blueberry jam and grape jelly.  We even managed to salvage a bag of blackberries for the freezer to use later.  The garden so far has given us about 6 green peppers and started some tomatoes.  We got 18 the first day and more are ready today.  We're going to can them all if we can.  They didn't do so well this year so we may only get this shot at it and they'll be done.  I've never known tomatoes to be so weird.  We started these from seed in April and they're just now giving tomatoes.  The cucumbers are coming at about 6 or so per week.  We're covered up in them.  I don't think we plan on pickling any but Tif might if we send some her way.  We have some beans but many plants died from excess water.

Today seems clear so John and I are working up some peaches for canning.  I get the feeling we'll fly through all those jars we saved :p
The Mennonites have been getting corn so I'll probably head that way tomorrow to get some to freeze. Anyway, busy busy, so hope you are all having a wonderful summer and CLICK HERE FOR SUMMER PICS!