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Where We All Get ALongwell

New Longwell, New Style

At the first of the year we updated to a new Joomla! that changed our format dramatically.  We have not had a lot of time to play with the page lately but I hope to change that.


Introducing ... *insert drum roll here*


Moose is our new Miniature Schnauzer.  John found a link on a local sales network that someone had mini pups for sale.  They were inexpensive because they are not registered.  We spoke with the owner and he stated the mother and father were rescue minis.  The mother dog's parents were his original rescue dogs.  The father died of a canine cancer and the mother ran away after having her litter of pups.  The mother of Moose is the only one he kept from that litter.  We did not see the father of Moose but the mother is a lighter grey coloring, and the owner stated the father was more white. 

Moose is mostly salt and pepper with his darkest spots being his belly/chest area and across both back legs and back.  The back of his neck has some tan as does his ears except for the tips.  His ears and paws are lined in black, a bright white strip from his chin down the center of his chest and the back paws have a teeny line of white below the black.  Moose's tail is cropped but we will never crop his ears. 

According to the owner of Moose's mom he was born February 20, 2014.  He will need his "set 7" shots around April 22nd.  So as of today Moose is nearly 7 weeks old.  I'm thinking the dog owner was confused about how many weeks old he was and we got him a week early.  Tif and family also got a pup from this litter and his name is Daxter.  You can find more pup pictures here ... Mini Moose.  We will add more as he adventures!!