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Where We All Get ALongwell

Adventures in Longwell Land

Today is a busy day in Longwell Land.  John has been working hard to get the table top sanded to a baby soft finish before putting the actual Finish on.  He's also sanded the bottom portion and put on one layer of finish.  The plan is to put on one more layer of finish on the bottom (maybe more in spots where our feet would hit) and 4 on the top piece.  Today he got down in the crevices of the top with the first coat.  It will take a couple of days to dry.  3 Table Pics here.

Also the Simmons' boys are here with us today.  Seth, Sidney and Daxter are here for the day as it is Good Friday and there's no school.  Tif works until the evening.  All in all there's been no trouble and everyone is happy.  Seth and Thor are pretty much hanging out playing games (see the Cousins Pics), Noah and Sid are upstairs playing and Dax n Moose roughhouse until they're separated out of aggravation and they take a nap.  I've taken to taking them "out" separately as they are too busy biting each others faces off to stop and pee.  I managed to get some Dax pics because Tif said she can't keep him still for them.  You can see all the new pics here under today's date. 

I have yet to catch Sid and Noah as they're busy upstairs avoiding everyone. :D  OH and those with Noah in his robe were taken yesterday.  We ordered a robe from Sears as it was on sale for $5 plus shipping.  Yep a steal and Noah hates taking it off...ever.  All things considered it really is a Good Friday.  Happy Easter all!!