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Where We All Get ALongwell

The end of crazy weeks

Monday we received a call from the elementary school and they said we could come in any time that day for Noah to take a grade placement test.  After many questions we were told that even if Noah didn't do well on the placement test they could still put him in the 4th grade next year because from his grades before and knowing his learning skills, they knew he would do just fine.  Noah took the test and passed with flying colors.  Moose also went in for his 12 week shots and got his rabies vaccination as well as a tag for his collar proving it. :)

Tuesday was quite crazy as well and then it was time to take Thor to High School Orientation.  John took him and came home with loads of partial information but we'll do what we always do, get him in the doors and wing it. :P

Wednesday morning was awards day at the middle school.  Thor was presented an award for Choir and one for Drama.  We also learned that afternoon that he was approached by one of the HS choir teachers and he will be in Advanced Choir his freshman year. YAY!

Thursday morning was Seth's 5th grade graduation and awards day.  Of course I did not have my camera's memory card (slaps forehead).  Uncle Al and Aunt Pat were there also and it was fun for Noah to sit by Sidney and see all his old friends and teachers.
  I also somehow forgot Thor was to stay for Dress Rehearsal after school.  By 3:30 we decided to start calling around looking for him since he wasn't on the bus.  John drove to the school to find him and of course, dress rehearsal.  (Slaps forehead again)  

This morning was Thor's Talent Show.  He and another young lady have hardly had any chance to practice.  Last week it was all drama all the time.  The week before was all choir.  They did a fantastic job.  I added the video to the video section for those that didn't get the email.  They performed Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri, which we'd never heard of.  They did a fantastic job.  As did all the teachers and other kids who performed and sang.  It was a hoot and so much fun! 

Tomorrow we plan on letting Thor go in for his report card and returning home on the bus as his final day of Middle School.  Tif and the kids may come over later and we'll get some flowers together to put on mom's stone for Memorial Day and a good time shall be had by all.  To everyone reading, have a safe holiday weekend and MUCH LOVE!