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Where We All Get ALongwell

Birthday Birthday Pt 1

Thor's birthday was yesterday, the 20th, and he is a whopping 14 years old now.  Two more years and he'll be old enough to work and drive *begin chest pains now*.  Thursday evening we had invited his girlfriend over for some game and "Thor time".  They started seeing one another the last week of school but have only talked on the phone since.  Thor said it was what he wanted for his birthday gift.  How sweet is that?? ;)

Thor and Emily played video games and had dinner with the fam Thursday night, Friday we had Seth, Sid and Daxter over for the day and they all played games and jumped in our lil pool, today's plan is to have two of Thor's friend's over for the night.  Thor has received money and cards from a few relatives, lots of birthday wishes online on FB and we got him two dance games, a book/DVD on how to play guitar and guitar strap that says Thor on it.  I'm pretty sure it's been a darn great birthday for him.

As for the rest of the place, things here are going really well.  The garden is nearly in full swing.  The lettuce is all but gone for most of the plants due mostly to the storms a week or so ago that soaked the ground to the point they all uprooted themselves.  We made cages around the tomatoes this week and put those on.  John and I have picked roughly 8-10 zucchini and our first tomato from the vines.  The dill is wild and waist high, the beans are running up the poles and the peas have already sprouted some babies.  Our beets are about an inch in diameter, carrots have small but defined tops, squash is growing fast, celery is getting tall tall and we have our first banana pepper.  The onions kinda pooped out.  We think the seeds were just not good.  We're working on a plan b though.  So far it's the zucchini that keeps us on our toes.  My uncle had this to say :

"Watch the pretty plants grow and bloom a few days/week or two.  Watch the the fruit grow hourly.  Get your first finger sized fruit and enjoy.  A few hours later get your first fist sized fruit and enjoy, put some in the refrigerator to eat later.  The next day start harvesting the arm sized fruit and store that in the refrigerator to eat later. START CALLING ALL YOUR FRIEND AND ACQUAINTANCES and offer to deliver zucchini to them.  Be careful from now on trying to walk near the plants because you will be tripping over the body and leg sized fruit you missed harvesting a few days ago.  Start sneaking up on your friends houses and leaving 40 pound bags of zucchini on their porches in the night because they stopped taking your calls."

Well that just about sums it up.  If you've not heard from us recently and you find a 40 lb bag of green things on your porch, blame it on veggi ninjas. :)