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Where We All Get ALongwell

Birthday Birthday Pt 2

Ah the last day of June. Noah's birthday is now complete also.  Although he is having a hard time this year dealing with that.  This year for both the boys birthdays we got a swimming pool from walmart.  All in all it only cost us $49 and the kids can jump and play in it.  We gave them that a week before Thor's birthday.  We took Thor to Cookeville to choose a game for his birthday (We knew he wanted Just Dance 2014 for months but the price didn't come down until recently and we were going to get we can never get rid of the kids so they went).  Noah ended up with a game also.  From the 20th on there was the Steam Summer Sale.  Noah probably got 3-4 games from that, only one of those were saved for his birthday.

Friday we had Tif's boys and pup over for the day while she worked.  We had to run over and get them at the store that morning before sis worked and bring them back.  Noah seemed to have a pretty good birthday, getting juice pouches and whatever he wanted for lunch.  He and Sid were at each other more than usual but no biggie.  Both of our boys went to Tif's Friday night and I guess Noah was in trouble a few times for random... junk.  But they had a great time at Auntie Tif's pizza pool party.  Saturday Uncle Al, Aunt Pat and the Simmons' came over for the birthday party which consisted of John and I being up late on the first night we've had alone together in many years, baking the Minecraft grass block birthday cake, cleaning the kitchen and moping up a blowout under the sink.  Sooo Minecraft cake, chips, fresh blueberries, less fresh apple slices and grapes.

Noah got the off brand Nerf shotgun he'd been desiring.  Turns out Nerf shotguns are hard to find because they've gone to spinning cartridges and crap that shoots you 30 times from 40 yards away or something.  He got a "gold watch", gold plated actually and he'd told John "dad, if I had one of those I'd wear it all the time because I'd be rich".  Grandma Jenny got him an electronic basketball game with two hoops so you can play against one another and Nestle glasses straw.  All of which he loves.  Tif gave him $10, Papa King sent a card and $10 plus gave him a $2 bill and Uncle Al and Aunt Pat sent a card and $20.  Yet somehow that evening and next day Noah kept coming in saying "well I mean, you guys could give me more birthday money because it's like birthday week or something".  Yeaaaaah no.  Kids these days. :p

June 30th is one of my favorite days of the year.  It was my grandpa, Sidney Gooch's, birthday and today would have marked 96 years old.  It also marks the end of June.  June seems to be the longest, most bank account and emotionally draining month of the year.  It's always a joyous occasion when we can say "YES we've made it through another!" and we have.  We shall roll into July, heads held high (ooo a rhyme) and hopefully the mighty Thor will stop bringing the rain or the mighty Noah will build a boat around the house to save us from it because we're quite soggy here. :)  Feel free to write or email folks and we'll update again soon with more garden stuff (OMG Zucchini) and Desi, Amaya and Autumn are coming in a couple of weeks!