For the Record

I have been doing a no sugar, very low carb diet for about 5 and a half weeks. I had a very hard time at first, but noticeable changes have kept me going.  I have lost 13 pounds, I no longer feel gross, and my mind is no longer “foggy.”   I do still forget things, but it is totally a different feeling.  I thought today was a good day to splurge and eat one of my favorite meals:  Grilled chicken thighs covered in “butter chicken curry” mix with basmati rice and naan.  I thought to myself, “I have been on the cleansing streak, this will be a nice little indulgence.”  It went down well.  Especially with my homemade Mango Lassi drinks… (Did you know they have easy to make smoothie mixes ready to blend in the freezer section?)  I was in heaven.   THIS was the type of meal I have been missing.  This type of meal makes me feel satisfied like no other.
Well….  For about ten minutes at least.
Then it hit me, and I got drunk.  Drunk on carbs.  I feel dizzy, spaced out, and about to vomit.   I feel hotter than normal *temperature* and even my cheeks are flushed.  I suppose this wouldn’t be much of a surprise, as I flush at the onset of any emotional state as well as any amount of exercise.  But eating isn’t exercise, and I didn’t get angry at dinner.    Let me say that YES, I screwed up.   It is too late to go back and change that.  But I am writing this not only to be the laughingstock of the blogging world, but also to remind myself in the future, that I really don’t want to indulge in the foods I once loved.   We just don’t mix so well, and I’d rather feel like myself than feel like I am goofy walking around on that tipsy boat of his.
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  1. Kairii says:

    Good job making it appaer easy.

  2. Natalino says:

    There are some games with a similar idea, but you have to raielze you can only pick so many berries and start so many fires before you get bored out of your mind with it. So they are forced to throw a bunch of action in there as well which can make people focus on the fighting and forget the survival elements. Metal gear solid snake eater is one, you have to find food for your character. Learn to evade and avoid enemy patrols, get creative with taking them out, placing explosives as traps, aggravating animals around them to distract them. through out the course of the game he demonstrates how to make some improvised weapons. Fallout 3 forces you to scavenge for weapons, ammo and food. The new game metro 2033 is probably the best example. As far as teaching you how to survive in real life you wont learn much. But it is the best game by far when it comes to putting you into the situation and forcing you to think on your feet. Only game ive played where you actually get panicked and you cant fight your way out of any situation. More often you have to find ways to hide or just book it through areas while trying not to get eaten alive. Wilderness survival just isn’t interesting enough to be really marketable. So the best option you have right now is action survival type games that throw some good ideas at you while you play.

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