Wilderness Ho!

In a few short weeks my family will embark on a camping expedition like none other.  We are planning to stay in the forest for 6 days, the longest we’ve ever stayed out in the wilds.  I am a bit hesitant about the whole thing, as it is hard to plan for the unexpected, and you never know what will happen until it actually happens.  That being said, part of me wants to pack up our whole house, and part of me wants to be minimalistic and force everyone to “just deal with it.”  I stumbled upon this woman the other year, while browsing at our local farm store, and I fell in love with her bed and breakfast.   Unfortunately, I live nowhere near Idaho, so perhaps this camping trip will begin the process to my own permenant camp which is inspired by her retreat in the wilderness.    I suppose feeling this way makes me really 30 years older at heart than I truly am, but tht is just fine with me.  I often have thought I was simply born in the wrong era, as the people that are my peers are lacking something major.    This sums it up well:  to be of use 

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3 Responses to Wilderness Ho!

  1. John says:

    that picture makes me want a tarp larger than the building size. 😛

    • Carley says:

      Supeiror thinking demonstrated above. Thanks!

    • Asu says:

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