Women’s Intuition

Well, my last post was well over a month ago, and I suppose it foreshadowed a very busy time ahead.  Boy did that hit the target!  My world was turned upside down with many life events, including buying a new car and finding out that I am allergic to yeast, among other things.  I would like to write a review of the new ride, but first I must find a sunny day where I can take pics with good lighting outside.   As for the allergies—I need to drastically change my diet, but I am having a hard time convincing myself that it can be done without starving myself.  I need to “get around to it” and just find some good cookbooks, or even a few recipes regarding a yeast and sugar free diet.   I am interested in seeing the results, if any, that come from this new way of eating, and I would love to use this blog to help track my progress regarding learning new habits and trying new foods.    Along with these subjects, once the weather “breaks” and becomes more dry than wet, I will begin some home improvement projects that I have been scheming and dreaming about all winter long.   Now the trick will be to regularly update this thing.  Stay Tuned.   I’ll be back.

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3 Responses to Women’s Intuition

  1. Keturah says:

    Yay, you’re still alive!!! Listen sister, you really shouldn’t starve yourself so please do yourself a favor and find some good yeast-free recipes, ya hear?!? I wonder if Pioneer Woman would have any good ones for ya… hmm…

    Anyway, good to see you write again! Love you friend!

  2. Amberly says:

    Well macdamaia nuts, how about that.

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